Personalized Train Collecting

Some adult fans of toy trains operate their trains, while others only collect. Some toy train layouts create accessories with scale models in an attempt to be as realistic as possible. Others are accessorized with toy buildings, cars, and figures. Some hobbyists will only buy accessories that were manufactured by the same company who made their trains. This practice is most common among fans of Marx and Lionel.

Rail transport modeling

Involvement in the hobby can range from the possession of a train set to spending many hours and large sums of money on a large and exactingly executed model of a railroad and the scenery through which it passes, called a layout. Hobbyists, called model railroaders or railway modelers, may even maintain models large enough to ride. Railway modelers may find enjoyment in collecting model trains, building a miniature landscape for the trains to pass through, or operating their own railroad, albeit in miniature.